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Co-Packing Companies Toronto

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Co-packing companies in Toronto are sometimes the best option for a business of any size. By outsourcing your packaging needs, you’ll save on expensive equipment and free up valuable space. It’s an ideal solution for nearly any industry. Better companies like Duplium provide a wide variety of packaging options ideally suited to a plethora of products. They’ll assemble the product, package it, and, when the time comes, they can even store the units in a clean and secure warehouse. From the warehouse, the most useful companies will also provide distribution solutions to get your product into the hands of your customers in the most efficient manner possible.


Let’s say that you’ve just finished producing your new product. The design is finished, manufacturing is complete,  the packaging artwork and graphics have been nailed down, and printing is underway. You now have a couple of options to complete the project. A smaller company may choose to manually assemble the product, add the instructions booklet to the box, insert any additional materials, put the previously assembled bits in a bigger package, and then shrink wrap the unit. A bigger company may choose to invest in some expensive packaging equipment that is prone to rapid depreciation and build an addition to their building to store the new machines in.
Both have their own merits and can get the product ready for stores. Why not cut out all of that time-consuming work and keep costs to a minimum by taking advantage of a co-packing company in Toronto? The most dependable co-packing companies offer automated, semi-automated, and hand packing options that can help get a product ready quickly and efficiently. The product can even be stored and distributed by the same company when you choose a firm with a strong in-house team and a diverse range of services.


Once every unit has been packaged, it will be time to choose a distribution method. There’s a better way than delivering packages to the store personally or making daily trips to the post office. Bigger co-packing companies in Toronto are able to distribute your product with accuracy and speed that can’t be beat by anyone. By making use of the only logistics service provider in Canada that uses robotic fulfillment technology, you can rest assured that your products will reach customers with unparalleled speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It’s a far more effective means of distribution for any company.
When it comes to assembling the components of your product, a co-packing company in Toronto may be your best option. It’s a valuable time-saving tool that can help free up space in your place of business when paired with warehousing and distribution. Just be sure to select the right co-packing company for the job. The additional services they provide can make a huge difference in the quality of product that is produced and the speed at which said product makes it into the hands of your customers.
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